Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Let's talk FASHION WEEK.

Let's talk about how amazing Fashion Week in the big apple has been. Wow, speechless. And this year it has been way more fun for me since I am well, going to Fashion School (YAY). Can I just tell you how homework for one of my classes was to watch some shows, take notes, and bring it in to class so we can discuss it... Best homework ever? You can say that again. It just feels so good to be going to school for something I am truly so interested in, and everything I learn I actually want to learn. School, regardless of what it is, it is very important and it is for a reason that you have go through all those annoying math classes and read all of those crazy long books in english class all through out middle school and high school. The truth is that when you are that young you don't quite know what it is that you want to do when "grow up" and believe it or not those things help you find your path and figure out what you want to do with your life. LOL i am totally speaking from a super adult's point of view, and totally getting off track here but anyways, point is, there are ups and downs to getting to where you want to be. Ok ok back to fashion week. Here's a list of my top faves:

- Diane von Furstenburg:

- BCBGMaxazria:

- Oscar de la Renta:

- Narciso Rodriguez:


- Marc by Marc Jacobs:


- Tory Burch: 

- Elie Tahari:

This list can honestly go on and on forever. I actually wrote down a huge list, but since I also wanted to show two of my most favorite outfits from each show I didn't want to make this the longest post in the history of long posts so I minimized my selection to the ones that I absolutely adored and just had to share it here :) 

What I loved the most about all of these outfits is that they are effortless and real, I feel that I can easily go to my closet and pull something out and style it my own way but it'll still be very influenced by it. 

But seriously PLEASE, head over to and take a look at all the amazing works by other designers. I am so in love and I cannot wait for spring!!!! 

* Just so we can all be super clear, I do not own any of these pictures. I got them all from WWD. I WISH I had access to front row seats at all these shows, but no, not yet (sniff sniff) but one day ladies, never lose hope :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Summer isn't over yet!

So there's no better time to enjoy the last few weeks that I'll be able to wear a super fun and flowy maxi dress. Gosh am I going to miss this thing. Like is there anything else that is better and easier to throw on than a colorful easy dress?!?!? Yes, exactly. There's something so timeless and effortless about this dress that I catch myself always going for it, but then I have to remind myself "No Ana you wore that 2 two days ago". Maxi dresses are definitely what I look forward to the most when the weather starts getting warmer. LOL how funny is it that I am already thinking of "when the weather starts getting warmer" and Fall hasn't even started yet.. But not going to lie I am pretty excited about the Fall.. I mean, I LOVE like LOVEEEEEE Fall fashion (hello Fashion week) and Fall outfit, trends, and layering, boots, and scarves. But come on, I'll forever be a summer gal but while I still live in New Jersey I need to find ways to enjoy the breezy cold weather or else I'll be miserable which is no fun :(... Well back to this dress. I got it at Forever 21 in the beginning of the summer and have been obsessed with it since day one. I added the big belt because humm, I love accessories and it makes everything better, but I do like wearing it with no belt as well. The purse is old from Aldo, and I thought it was the perfect bag to add a little extra summer vibe to this look.

Oh and by the way what's a better than pairing this super fun dress with a super fun pair of sunglasses ?! Yes exactly, nothing. My second obsession: Metallic blue ray ban sunglasses :)

What was your favorite summer piece?

Happy Tuesday ! XOXO.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Inspiration!!!

I am always in favor for a little Monday inspiration, or maybe a lot. Especially now that I have a super long school schedule on mondays... YAY! Not. But thats ok, because it is fun, and I am doing what I love so that definitely inspires me to be there and keep on going. Well, here it is for a good week filled with energy and accomplishments. 

  • Probably the biggest mistake people make. DO NOT make the same mistake! Do it today, do it now.

  • Make a STATEMENT. Let the world know who you are and what you have done!!!!

  •  Work hard and at the end of the day everything will be alright and everything will always find its way.

  • Don't ever settle for anyone telling you can't do it. You CAN do anything you set your mind to.

  • Wake up and be happy and make others around you happy too! Be that one person that sparks someone's else day.

Pictures from pinterest. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

All Pink Everything (and a splash of turquoise)

 Hello! And happy Friday.. Oh my what a long week it has been. I mostly just worked all week and tried to keep up with my work outs as usual. On Thursday I woke up on the girlie side of bed and felt like wearing something cute and very summery, which is always fun:) The weather here in Jersey was great this Thursday too, after some very nasty cloudy weather followed by a crazy rain storm on Tuesday, on Thursday mother nature gave us some beautiful rays along with occasional wind blowing which felt absolutely aaaamazing! And very well needed. 
Pink and turquoise is my ultimate favorite color combo. 
The shirt I got it from Topshop a while ago when Nordstrom was having a sale. The shorts I recently just purchased (also on sale.. LOVE IT.) from a boutique by my house, the brand is Klique B. My shoes are from JustFab, super comfy and super fun. The straps are wrap around so you can wrap them around your ankles as high or low as you would like.

Thursday morning I also got a manicure.. Oh no wonder it was such a good day, hehehe!!! I get my nails done every week with this amazing Brazilian lady. She's awesome and I love how she cleans all of my cuticles and leaves them looking super fresh. Manicures are definitely a must for me, that's why I get them done every week. Graci has recently started doing nail designs so you'll probably be seeing a lot of them on me.
This week I decided to go with something pink and girlie, just because I haven't painted my nails pink probably since the 5th grade and I missed it. So here it is, we used colors by OPI. 

I loved the idea of the diagonal dots, it's a different and creative touch added to the design that made it unique and eye-catchy. 
 And below, are the colors used for this style. Enjoy!!!

  •  Purchase nail polishes here:  

Monday, July 14, 2014


Because everyone needs a little inspiration to get them started on another good week :)

 Good morning!!! As soon as I came across this quote on Pinterest I knew it would make a perfect Monday morning inspirational quote. So this week (or every single day of your life) remember to always make time for the people who make you laugh and smile!

What do you have planned for this week?!!

  XO, ANA.

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